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Nearly all employers in Florida are required to have workers' compensation coverage for their employees.  Nearly all workplace accidents or injuries should be covered by those employers.  Keep in mind that a workplace accident or injury can also be far from the "normal" type of accident:  repetitive injuries, heat exhaustion and mold and chemical exposure are all good examples of types of claims that are covered by workers' compensation statute.  Despite the fact that they should cover most workplace injuries or accidents, employers and their insurance carrier routinely deny such claims.  In many cases, the denials are wrongful and intentional and their goal is to deprive you of benefits and rights that you ought to receive.  In most cases, we can help.  

In other cases, the employer acknowledges that you were hurt on the job but then will not give you the medical care you need.  They employ doctors who say that you are not hurt, that you are exaggerating your injuries,  or that your injuries are unrelated to your work.  What they fail to understand is that without the proper medical care, your recovery may take far longer or, even worse, that your injuries could be permanent.  They don't care that your life and maybe your family is affected by the decisions they make - all they care about is saving money.  You need somebody on YOUR side. 

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If you cannot work because of your injuries or have limitations imposed by your injuries which reduce your wages significantly, the Florida workers' compensation system provides for wage benefits, which are sometimes referred to as money, indemnity or disability benefits.  The amount of these wages are limited and so is the duration that you can receive them.  Most of the time these wages are simply inadequate but what is even worse is that the employers and their insurance companies often try to deny you what few benefits the system does provide.  Nothing makes me more angry than to see somebody or their children go hungry because the insurance company decided to play games to save a buck.  Call us today and see if we can help you.

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Finally, many people consider settlement of their cases at some point.  Sometimes it is purely out of frustration because the system is so difficult and the odds seem to be so stacked against them.  Occasionally, it is because settlement is the only way out of the financial hole they find themselves in.  Employers and insurance companies will usually try to settle at some point.  If they think that you will be expensive in the long term, these settlements can be sizable.  Regardless of the size of their offer, settlement is a complex issue and it involves taking the burden of your work injuries onto your own shoulders.  Whether you say "yes" or "no" in the end, it needs to be an educated or informed decision.

If you are going to settle, you should try to get as much as you can because most of the time, workers' compensation injuries are lifelong.  That's where we come in.  We negotiate daily and in most cases, it is the single most important aspect of what we do.  Since our fees are based on a percentage of what you receive, and therefore our interests are 100% aligned with yours, you can be sure that we will fight for the maximum possible recovery under the law for you.

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The bottom line is that we stand up for injured workers.  We educate clients about their rights and use our knowledge of the law and trial experience to make employers and insurers do what the law requires of them. We will not hesitate to take your case in front of the Judge of Compensation Claims, or an appellate court if that is necessary, to get you the justice you deserve.

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