Justice is not automatic - the right work comp lawyer can make a real difference.

Success Stories


$1.5 million in benefits secured

Our client was injured three hours into his first day on the job working as a day laborer.  The carrier did not want to pay him appropriately so we sued.  We won at trial and the insurance company appealed.  We prevailed again on appeal and our client received over $200,000 in lost wages and permanent total disability.  We subsequently secured at least $400,000 in medical care.  Finally, the case settled for $860,000.  


$1.1 Million in benefits and settlement

After suffering what doctors termed to be an "internal amputation", our client was struggling to work by skipping his pain medications because he was afraid of getting fired.   We got him permanent total disability, nearly $500,000 in wage payments and a 2018 settlement of over $600,000.


Life changed

Our client suffered a rollover accident on I-75 and was rendered a paraplegic.  His employer claimed he was simply commuting, for which there is no workers' comp coverage. and denied his case.  Three other attorneys reviewed the case and refused to help him.  We asked the right questions and the end result was a settlement of $790,000 enabling our client to buy a handicap-accessible house and vehicle.

Hard work gets results

Clearly, the above results are not typical.   Each involved a case where the injured worker was permanently and totally disabled.   The first two cases involved years of litigation and significant wage and medical benefits obtained in addition to the settlement.   One client was with the firm for over 10 years.   Still, the cases do illustrate what can be achieved with aggressive representation when the facts are right and your lawyer has the time to give your case the attention it deserves.  

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